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And today, the companies in concentration of gold schlichs continue to use inefficient, time-consuming and sometimes environmentally harmful methods. All this has a negative impact both on the economic performance of enterprises, and on the environmental conditions in the production area.

One of the fundamentally new technologies is the magneto-liquid separation (MLS), the use of which allows you to select from the free gold schlichs in the form of ligature.

In recent years, instead of the amalgamation and stripping, enterprises are increasingly using the free gold extraction processes with a magnetic liquid separators (MLS). By analogy with the gravitational concentration, a process often referred to as MLS separation pseudo weighted environments. The pseudo weighting Ferro Magnetic Fluids (FMF) effect due to the effect on them of the inhomogeneous magnetic field, resulting in a volume FMF occurs except Archimedean, additional controllable buoyancy force of magnetic origin. This force depends on the field intensity and the concentration of ferrofluid. By varying these parameters, you can create a level of buoyancy forces enough for swimming any mineral density. By adjusting the intensity of the magnetic buoyancy change FMF or concentration gradient of the magnetic field can control the movement of particles of different density, and therefore their share in this property.

Most MLS separators created in recent years, the source of the magnetic field are permanent magnets. This makes separators economical energy consumption, compact, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive.

One of the ways to improve MLS process is the development of ML centrifugal separators. The acceleration in the centrifugal field, as we know, can be tens or hundreds of times greater than the acceleration of the gravitational field. And increases in proportion to this speed of movement of the particles, and hence the intensity of their separation. The fine particles in this case are moved much faster than under normal conditions, and the lower limit of the particle size is reduced mineral.

For the preparation of concentrates to the MLS separation we proposed the Dry Magnetic Separator SMS-20M. The separator is designed to purify the concentrates from the magnetic and weakly magnetic fraction, which is unacceptable to hit MF separator. Work is performed sequentially in two steps. At first, using permanent magnets is removed strongly magnetic fraction (iron, magnetite). In the second stage, with the electromagnets with an adjustable magnetic field, removed weakly magnetic fraction. All mounted on the same frame, and removing the strongly and weakly magnetic fraction occurs simultaneously in one process.

Obviously, this magnetic separator can be used to schlichs process and without the objective of preparation for the MF separation.